On your marks, get set, role model

On your marks, get set, role model - the MegaHeroSuperAlarm

Here we go, go - go, as we step out of the normal extent and go crazy about superlatives, superheroes and superstars, celebrate ourselves in the MegaHeroSuperAlarm.

We are brave and strong-minded, gladiatorial, we interfere without fear and blame, are present for each other, even without reward. We impress inevitably by superiority and achieve exceptionality for us and sometimes for others as well. We actively override financial stagnation, boost consumerism without fear, like to rescue three for the price of one. We are knights in shining armour, workaday-heroes. Gladly in front of the camera, as we do not dread catastrophes nor storms of flash-lights. We like to be live in the first row.

We are sought after when it comes to save the “superhero-training camp” by high viewer ratings. We get underestimated, sometimes we stay unrecognized - no wonder, as we disguise ourselves perfectly or even turn invisible in case it’s getting dodgy. We are always fast and ever present - our resources are not limited. We are success-oriented familial. We are the archetypical superhero family. Career - no problem - we share our lives absolute and implicitly with others at 50%.

We are super stress resistant, no Career-flash discourages us. We are superhero and fan at the same time; we are enthusiastic devotees of ourselves, our powers and our achievements and even like to talk about it. We costume ourselves with frock and pseudonym and mostly keep our true identity in the closet. We are digital, we are human-machine 02. We gather anonymously in face- and fan-clubs, report and count our own heroic acts as well as our followers. We are fans of having and being fans.

The Headquarter

of FITTING FORWARD, consisting of Bitten Stetter and Jutta Südbeck, who revive rather cheeky and forward different theme-worlds within a two-month-rhythm in the Room-in-Room-Installation of Arne Klaskala, based on the concept of FITTING TALES, are in this theme-world on the lookout for Mister and Miss Omniverse, Superlatives, Heroes, Giants, Pioneers as well as Followers and Antiheroes. How to recognize a hero? Who is the best of the best? The one who says what he is thinking? The one who is faster than the others or the one who does well? And who is the bad guy? What is the concept of the enemy? Who is victim, and who needy? Those, who always just keep their mouth shut, who enjoy comfort conform, those who do good to improve their image or because they learned it in the marketing training camp? All these questions with no answers and full of contradictions lead the two designers in their conception of “On your marks, get set, role model.”

The Delegates and Chosen ones

are designers, illustrators and artists of a special kind. Bernhard Willhelm - Paris inspires with his forwardness, A.D.Deertz - Berlin saves the men-fashion-world, ANNTIAN - Berlin turns megaloud by colour and form, Salsa Polenta - Berlin-Zurich features superheoes close to the neck, STARSTYLING - Berlin have yet another blast, Aleksandra Wisniewska - Lausanne avoides exaggeration, Vilde Svaner - Weimar cater with disposables for furore
and Conny Groenewegen - Amsterdam is the new Laura Kraft. Max Grüter - Zurich and Nina Braun - Berlin deliver some art with their antiheroes and wrestling-groups. OH!LOGO - Cologne turns everybody into a braver, A-schön - Berlin creates oversized daily icons while Prodotyp - Berlin shows the middle-finger, Edition Shalalala - Berlin leads us to do the Mexican-wave. NAT-2 - Munich has long been followed by us and Foldpaper - Zurich turns trophies into something universal. Birte Hennigsen - Hamburg knits the hero-base and Anntian & Arielle de Pinto - Berlin-Canada meander through countries and materiality while Ansteckend - Vienna contributes songs to wear. Denise Reytan - Berlin enables super gigantic time-travels, MissGeschick & Lady Lapsus - Hamburg help wounded heroes and Flöz - Ruhr fights for a more sustainable world. Suelzkotlett - Aachen pricks with bribery. Melissa Ludkowski - Cologne has a formidable fan community and Bitten Stetter - Hamburg rolls up one’s sleeves. Jutta Südbeck - Berlin offers support for gigantic shopping tours and Fitting Forward - Hamburg pays for the first time attention to the offspring heroes. Eklatant///Enrico Nagel - Berlin illustrates meanwhile the whole world with his peculiar collaged superheroes.

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